Sunday, 7 July 2013

Humaid: The Disgrace

Growing up, Humaid had always listened to what his mother and father told him to do; to a degree that he become their favorite child. However, everything good comes to an end, doesn't it? 

After graduating from high school and entering the police academy, his parents were never prouder than this moment. They told the whole family, relatives, friends, basically everyone they knew was told how proud they were of their son that will soon become an officer. The one mistake they did is that they did not have any other option for their son, thus he felt forced to join the academy. 

When he entered the police academy, he felt like he was an outcast and somewhat different than the others. The soon to be officers did not welcome him at all, as he did not share any interests with them. Humaid constantly for weeks tried to fit in, he also asked his father to get him a Nissan VTC as it was the cool thing in the academy, but everything kept failing. 

Months passed and Humaid got depressed more and more everyday he spent in the academy. During this misery, he kept talking to his friend Khaled who he met in his neighborhood few years back and ever since they became best friends. Khaled went to a private school and was more like the westernized Emirati individual, he recently entered a private university and kept rubbing it in Humaid's face on how he was having a blast. 

One day, when Humaid went to the academy he saw his class group all sitting together so he decided to go join them. Nervous but yet determined to fit in, Humaid took a seat next to them and started listening to what they talked about. Shockingly, they all started making fun of him and kept calling him names. As he did not have anyone by his side and obviously knew no one at all in the academy, he could not handle it anymore. 

Humaid immediately went to the administration and quit the academy and then rushed back home in tears not knowing what to do or what to say to his family; but the main question that revolved around his head is "would his family agree when he would tell them that he quit the academy". 

He reached home during lunch, he barged in the dining room and yelled "I quit the police academy". His father immediately got out of his seat and said "What are you saying Humaid?". 

Humaid: I can't take it anymore, it is not what I want! 
Father: What do you mean it is not what you want, you have always wanted to be a police officer. 
Humaid: NO! It is what you wanted not what I wanted! I want to go to a private university, I want to enroll in media, I want to be a journalist, I want to be anything else but a POLICE OFFICER! 

*At that moment Humaid's father slapped him so hard in front of all his siblings. 

Father: You are a disgrace to this family, you have made a fool out of us in front of the whole society. I no longer want to talk to you, nor will I help you pursue a degree in media. 

Humaid stood there speechless and heartbroken, even though he was expecting this reaction but when it really happened it just shook him. Non of his elder siblings spoke to him nor told him anything, and neither did his mother come to talk to him after being yelled at and slapped.

Little did his family know that this was just the beginning of Humaid showing his true identity...

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