Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Chapter 1 - The Boys

The boys I have come to know each had a touching story to tell, whether it was a hurtful one or one that made me smile. Before getting into details of their stories I would like to introduce the boys: 

  • Humaid: Comes from a bedouin tribe in the region. He is the oldest one from the group of the four boys, he is around 23 years old. Humaid has a very interesting story, his story involves the fact that he is somewhat mixed up of who he is. In other words he put it "I feel like I am two different individuals in one body
  • Yousef: When you first meet Yousef he seems somewhat arrogant and full of himself. However, once you get to know him better you feel that he has hidden something so big that has faced him at a point in his life. I will focus on what Yousef has faced in the following chapters, where you would be able to find out what he has gone through and judge for yourselves. A hint that I would give: Living with a rumor about you is not that easy as it seems. 
  • Saeed: He has always been judged ever since he was in high-school for seeming a bit to flamboyant and walking with the wrong group of people. The judgments followed him to university, but he could not careless of what people thought of him. Saeed had gone through something far more difficult than just shallow minded people's judgements
  • Rashed: The chameleon is how I like to call him. He knows how to act infront of each and every individual, he can be a party-person, and in the next minute a respectful Emirati man. The reason in why he is a chameleon is that behind those colors he is hiding something far more than just a party junkie. The hardest one from the boys to get his secrets out!
Each one of these boys have faced a harsh incident in their lives that has changed them forever, however it is all in their hands on whether they wanted to be that better person, or would they rebel against the rules and their families.

That is for you to find out in the following posts! 

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