Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Chapter 1 - Pilot

As girls in this region we tend to like to play the role of the victim during our teenage years. We tend to blame our culture on how it does not allow us to do anything, our mothers for always watching us, brothers for always keeping a close eye on our phones, and many more other complaints. 

Even though our society might seem a bit restricted for the girls, however in the end it is for every girl's own benefit. Since, every mother wants to see her daughter happy, living her life with a loving husband by her side, children filling the house with joy, and living a life every cousin would envy. 

We grow up getting yelled at for whenever we want to get a new hair-do, the mothers think that we would fall from every family's eye to choose us for their sons. While some may enjoy the privilege of cutting their bangs, shortening their hair; the rest are stuck with brushing their own rapunzel's hair.

Some of us will always have the nanny go out with her, being followed by a nanny around the mall while you are with a group of friends is not fun at all. Especially, when there are some topics you don't want it reaching to your family, even though it might not be about a guy but if it is translated by the nanny's language to our mothers we will be in trouble.

While the nanny following us in malls might be harsh, their are others who don't even get to go out that often; and usually have to go with the whole family and not with their friends.

The main issue is that whenever we ask our families when we can do the things we want to do, the answer is usually When you are in your husband's house. Which leads many of us to un-patiently wait for our knight in shinning armor, that would come and sweep us away from normal-land, to our fairytale beginning. (Got influenced by Disney, sorry!)

Coming back to us girls in the society and how we feel oppressed, things have gotten better nowadays. As a matter of fact, I believe that we are enjoying life more than the guys these days. 

Accordingly, all the focus the family puts on the females in the family and they start neglecting the boys of the family has some consequences. As they don't think a boy could be the cause of a bad family reputation, so why not just let him do whatever as long as it is not drugs (infront of us). 24/7 some not all but some boys are free to roam the streets, god knows doing what. While some others are neglected from their families and they do not make it feel okay for them to talk about their issues, since a man has to be "strong". Ultimately, there are many boys who are paying the price and struggling to go through the day.

This is where I come in Salama, a girl who studied at a public university in the UAE; and was lucky enough to find out some stories of a few boys that I would like to share with you. The reason why I decided to share their stories is due to the fact that most girls think that guys don't face difficulties like we do, they just can live their lives as free as they would like to, and have the upper-hand in this game. Sorry for bursting your bubbles, but that is not the case!

Focusing on four interesting individuals who I've come to known through their sisters, cousins, or even female friends. These guys each have a hidden story that I am sure would shock some of you! Each individual has faced some obstacle in his life that has influenced him either positively or negatively in the following years of his life. Who are they? They are the boys of Abu Dhabi!

Disclaimer: I am not saying that all families are like this, this is only a blog story based on some actual events. 

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